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Let’s put some spring in your home loan experience. Contact Springs Home Mortgage at (719) 470-0898 to get going now. Springs Home Mortgage cares about you and your happiness. Keith Courlas, president, and his dedicated team bring decades of consulting and lending experience to your kitchen table. We look forward to serving you soon.

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Springs Home Mortgage strives to work within your schedule. After discussing your needs and goals, we’ll gather detailed information.  You will discover the down payment needs for loan packages, learn about principal and interest, see what kinds of loans are available, and before applying get tips about how to prepare your finances and documents. 

Mortgage = A loan used to finance a home. It is usually repaid by regular monthly payments over many years. The home itself acts as collateral.

Down Payment = Cash paid to reduce the mortgage amount required. Lenders prefer 20 percent down but some loans require much less down.

Principal = The total money borrowed before adding interest.

Interest = Cost lenders charge to loan money, usually a percent of loan amount.

Fixed-Rate = Steady interest rate that stays same throughout the life of the loan.

Adjustable-Rate or ARM = A variable interest rate that begins low and increases over time.

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